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With our dedication to ongoing training with our partners Sidas and Masterfit University, our experts are trained to excel in taking measurements and making accurate adjustments.

In addition, our employees are passionate and operate according to the latest discoveries in the field thanks to a panoply of tools made available to them.

Enough to offer you an impeccable fit.

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Step 1: Classic analysis with a bootfitter

To provide a service that meets the highest quality standards, GS Ski Shop uses state-of-the-art professional equipment specially selected to tailor all your needs

Step 2 :  3D Analysis

After the classic analysis, we go to the unique step at GS Boot Lab with our 3D analysis with the SIDAS Feetbox 3D.

The magic of 3D imaging of your feet in your ski boots is now available. The experience of our Bootfitters now with the 3D visualization of your feet in our selected shells combined with classic analysis and 3D analysis offer a unique experience in Canada exclusive to the GS Ski Shop.

Technology is increasingly ubiquitous in our daily life.
On the other hand, bootfitting technology will never replace the experience acquired over the years by certified and passionate technicians.

We use this technology in perfect harmony with classic bootfitting methods and the rules of the craft and our state-of-the-art equipment.

Step 3: Boot Selection and fit try-on

Choice of the most suitable shells according to your foot anatomy and your needs.

Step 4: Custom footbeds

The custom footbed is the foundation of a boot. It brings absolute support, comfort and performance to your on-snow experience.

Step 5: Liner molding and shell modifications

Once the footbed has been trimmed to fit, the liners are adapted to your feet through a rigorous process and modifications to the shells according to your feet are made for unparalleled performance and comfort.

Fit Guarantee, the reputation of the GS Boot Lab

With the purchase of your boots and custom insoles, you spend 2 hours with a certified bootfitter and have an additional hour of fitting in bank.

NB** If the bootffiting bank time is consumed addtionnal fitting time will be charged at an intertnal rate.

Explore without limits

GS Boot Lab exceeds the limits imposed by the industry. This allows you to live your passion without limit, to our great pleasure.


Christian Pavilanis

Thanks Joel for the top notch service, as always

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Astrid de Bellefon

Toujours serviables, souriants et accueillants, même quand ils sont occupés. Merci 🤩

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